Glenwood Pool Table Chestnut

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Brunswick Billiards 

Glenwood Chestnut

A traditional table with modern sensibilities, the Glenwood is a graceful addition to any home. Plus, have it your own way with Brunswick's most versatile model. This fully customizable table offers a wide variety of table finishes, leg styles, cloth and pocket styles. Design the perfect solid wood table for your home at an affordable price. The Glenwood has is all.

Table size: 7 or 8 ft.
Finish Available: Chestnut
Leg Options: Ball & Claw, Ram's Head, Round, Talon Ball & Claw, Tapered
Rail Sights: Diamond-Shaped White-Pearlized
Pockets: Fringe or Shield




Exterior Style


  • Made from the finest selected solid hardwoods
  • Assembled using high-torque bolted construction, and state-of-the-art heavy gauge steel fastening systems for rock solid performance
  • Utilizes superior dovetailed cross-supports