Gold Crown VI Pool Table Matte Black With Drop Pocket

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Brunswick Billiards 

Gold Crown VI Matte Black With Drop Pocket

The Gold Crown VI continues Brunswick's tradition of excellence as the newest edition of the legendary table series. The Gold Crown VI features a familiar design with modern styling. The new low-profile leg base and hidden stretcher provide a streamlined appearance while the angular canted leg emphasizes the clean lines. The table also features new corner and rail castings in a brushed nickel finish for a sleek high-end aesthetic.

Table size: 9 ft.
Finish: Matte Black  
Leg Options: Standard (as shown)
Rail sights: Round White Pearlized
Pocket: Drop Pocket


Exterior Style


  • Features longer rails which result in tighter pockets. Corner pocket 4.5"-4.625". Side pocket 5.0"-5.125".
  • Engineered to strict World Pool-Billiard Association specifications