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Rebound Shuffleboard

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American Heritage Billiards Rebound Shuffleboard Table

At just 7’, the Rebound is an exceptional addition to your gaming space. Enjoy the same fun as a standard shuffleboard table and so much more!  Players are challenged to keep the puck on the board and in the scoring zones. The game can be played as a novice or like a pro with our Handicap scoring system! In addition to enjoying standard shuffleboard play, you also have the option to rack up the bowling pins and play another great game suited for children and adults alike!

This handsome rebound shuffle board boasts a double-pedestal foundation and a sleek, sunken woodgrain playing surface framed beautifully with a subtly tooled base that adds both aesthetic appeal and interest to any room, along with the convenience of inset shelving for storage.  

Keeping score is easy with a dapper headboard that boasts digitally displayed standings to keep onlookers in the know, while friends and family gather to enjoy the game and cheer on players who are up to the challenge. 


Product Features:

  • Polymer Coated Playfield
  • Heavy duty, 20.5" wide x 2.5" high Poplar Play Field
  • Vertically Staved Play Field with 24 Tongue and Groove Joints designed for superior Strength and Alignment
  • Manual Scorekeeping System coordinates with a lighted scoreboard
  • Multiple Scoring Systems for Novice and Advanced Players
  • 8 pucks included
  • Brush is included
  • Shuffleboard Powder Included
  • Play Field Sand included
  • Bowling Pin/Rack Set is included


What it’s Made Of:

  • The cabinet is made of Poplar and the playfield is made of Poplar


Approximate Product Dimensions: 

  • 7' Size
    • 49.5"W x 89.5"D x 51.75"H, 422 lbs. 





Delivery in 1-2 weeks from date of purchase.