Carat Light Glass Pool Table

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Carat Light Glass Pool Table

You are not dreaming! This exceptional billiard has been made entirely of glass.

The purest it can be, allowing absolute transparency. With multiple possibilities of personalization, the Carat Light billiard table adapts to your tastes and in particular to your style of decoration.

A true measure of purity, the Carat Light billiard table has been designed with the purest glass and a brushed stainless steel frame, making it both transparent and solid.

Thus we observe an optical phenomenon that deflects the light beams to magnify your interior as your terrace. This billiard design and totally innovative will seduce you.

With its unique material, the Carat Light is a billiard that will easily find its place in a design interior, a modern decoration, a mix with a contemporary style or an original terrace. Indoor or outdoor, it is the essential for all your billiard games with family or friends.


Carat Light Pool Table Features:

  • 100% Unique Design
  • Made to order in France
  • Optional glass dining top
  • Slate play surface
  • Decorative stainless steel rail sights
  • Custom tailored leather pockets 

Carat Light Pool Table Dimensions:

  • 8′ Internal Pocket: Overall: L: 101″; W: 57″; H: 32″