Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full-Size Jukebox

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Rocket 80 CD Bluetooth Full-Size Jukebox

Crosley has done it again.  This beautiful full-size jukebox is built to commercial standards (including a coin changer!) and is quite simply, the finest jukebox made today!  Handcrafted in the United Kingdom, the Rocket is at home in your “man-cave” or honky-tonk.

Our Rocket looks as pretty as an Oldsmobile car, with authentic 50s styling from cabinet to lettering. Under the hood is our 80 CD mechanism, 300 watt stereo amp and five way speakers. Add remote control, coin operation and optional iPod connectivity via our Bluetooth receiver and you’ve got a modern day classic, all revved up and ready to go.

The Rocket Jukebox requires special delivery consideration, as it ships via truck line only.  Please coordinate all logistics directly with Deer Park prior to ordering.

  • Unit (L x W x H) = 28 x 31 x 60
  • Unit Weight (Lbs) = 265 

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